Native Ads


Here are some pointers that can be useful when troubleshooting why no ad is displayed.

Is the container div in the HTML document?

Open the browser dev tools and verify that the ADK container is located at the expected location in the document. For example, if you have configured a container called my-container, your HTML should contain a corresponding element:

<div data-adk-container="my-container"></div>

Is the container div attached?

Verify that the container div has a data-adk-instance attribute. If it does not, it means that it has not been attached to ADK. You can verify that this is the case by running the command adk.container.attach() in the browser's Javascript console. The attribute will then be added to the div. The solution is to find a suitable location in the integration code to add the attach call. You can learn more about attaching containers in the ADK tutorials.

Does the container load?

If you are using a lazy load container, make sure that the window is focused. Popups and other overlay iframes can steal focus. If this is the case you may want to turn off the focus check by setting the container option requireFocus(false).

Is there consent to read and write cookies?

If a TCFv2 CMP is available when ADK loads, ADK will wait for consent before reading/writing cookies and making ad requests. Try disabling the TCF check by setting __ADK_TCFAPI__ = false before loading ADK. If that solves the problem, verify that your CMP configuration includes Advisible AB (vendor ID 900). Try clearing the consent cookie and reload the page.

Is an ad requested and delivered?

Open the network tab in the browser dev tools. Filter on and verify that a request is made to the query endpoint. If the result is an empty array (i.e., []), it means that no ad was delivered. Builtin test ads should generally be used instead of live ads when testing an integration. Activate a test ad by adding this search parameter to the URL:


For example, here is the production landing page from earlier, but in preview mode, showing the test ad.

You can control which adapter to load a test ad for by changing com.advisible.native.teaser to

Is the ad template loaded?

If the template is an HTML file, verify in your ADK config that the URL is linked to the adapter with addTemplate(). Open the network tab in the browser dev tools and use the filter to verify that the HTML file is loaded. If the ad is rendered using a Javascript function, you can debug it by adding console logs.