Advisible Development Kit (ADK) is a Javascript library used for building professional frontend ad integrations. The library is particularly useful for monetizable elements such as ads but any type of content can be managed and tracked in ADK containers.


Container is an abstraction on top of dynamic content sources. ADK containers provide a set of easily accessible functions ranging from lazy loading and stickiness to responsiveness and viewability maximization.

Placement contains the API to the Advisible ad services and is used to register frontends for a Placement Service adapter. The frontend is responsible for rendering content and tracking viewability.

Injection is a powerful tool for proper insertion of containers and other elements into arbitrary HTML structures, for example the body of an article.

Template is a tool that loads templates and produces renderable content, typically HTML.

Util exposes some of the internally used functionality for use with external elements, for example iframe resizing and element tracking.

Getting started

We recommend going through the tutorials at Learn ADK to get started. You may evaluate the library without creating an account.


ADK has a fixed, monthly license fee which is deducted from other platform fees. See Platform pricing for more information.