Advisible Console is the main user interface. Although it can be used on small screens, this guide is written with a larger screen in mind.

The console is divided into three levels, corresponding to the fundamental levels of access in the system: user, organization and account. The main menu, located to the left, displays different items depending on what level you are currently looking at.

On the user level, you will see your email address at the top. Possible actions include listing organizations and accounts where you are a member, and updating user settings.

On the organization level, you will see the organization name instead, and the main menu lets you manage Accounts, Networks, Payment settings, etc.

On the account level, the Account picker appears in the upper right corner of the window, next to the user drop-down. It offers a quick way of switching between accounts in the current organization. Most of the work happens on the account level. The main menu lets you create campaigns, show analytics and manage hosted source code and media resources, etc.

The context panel is the slide-in panel to the right. The contents of the context panel change depending on what kind of resource you are currently looking at.

We follow a few simple design rules whenever possible: